Av. Hermanos Ayar N° 1303 – Machu Picchu

We are located in a central area of Machu Picchu Pueblo, 400 mts  from the train station and the Mercado Artesanal, where you can buy beautiful souvenirs, we are also very close to shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the most delicious typical dishes of Peru and the world, our Retama Machu Picchu innhas a beautiful natural view of the town of Machu Picchu in addition to being next to the Wiñayhuayna park where you will discover beautiful legends that will leave you amazed.

Every time we receive a guest, we try to make your stay as special as possible, since the moment you write or call us you are already part of our family
We are a family business specializing in creating memorable experiences. Our passion for Peru, the years of experience and the professionalism of our team allow us to create an authentic and innovative experience thinking about the most demanding traveler.

Our Retama Machu Picchu inn, in Machu Picchu invites you to relax and enjoy the beautiful mountains and archaeological sites throughout the Sacred Valley.

Our combines fantastic hospitality. We  offers 24 clean and comfortable rooms with all the appropriate equipment for a pleasant and unforgettable experience. With good home-cooked food.

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Av. Hermanos Ayar N° 1303, Machu Picchu

At the foot of Machu Picchu

For you we have a nice at the foot of Machu Picchu, a special place, which we will make even more special with our attention, do not worry about anything, we take care of everything. We have completely decorated rooms, with: hot water, private bathroom and a special reception at your arrival.

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